Geographical Location



Khosrov Forest state reserve is located in Ararat province of Armenia in the neighborhood of Ararat valley in the southern part of Gegham volcanic plateau stretching from north-west to south-east almost along the 45° meridian and on comparatively lower mountainous systems Yeranos and Yerakh located along the eastern part of Ararat valley. It occupies a territory of 23.213.5 ha at the altitudes from 700 to 2800 m above sea level.


The land surface of the reserve is mountainous and fragmented into numerous deep gorges due to the presence of the river network. This is also the result of the active tectonic activities of geological past as well as peculiarities of geological structure. The erosion process has always been active, which continues also at present mainly as wind erosion. 

The two mountainous tributaries of the River Araks – the rivers Azat (length 40 km) and Vedi (58 km) flow through the Reserve area with their numerous streams.

Near the reserve territory there are two small natural lakes of Jghin located next to each other and a small lake at present turning into marshland.

The climate of the reserve is dry continental. Winter is cold with lots of snow and with low temperatures down to -25˚C. Summer is dry and hot with the temperatures up to 38˚C. The average annual precipitation rate is about 400-600 mm, rarely up to 800 mm especially in high mountainous zone.

The soils of the reserve are very diverse conditioned by vertical zonation and relief. In the lower mountainous and foothill zones there are loamy, brown semi-desert, gypseous, sandy and slightly saline light brown soils. In the middle mountainous zone there are brown mountainous-steppe and grey forest soils and in the high mountainous zone – black or dark brown mountainous-forest soils.