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The “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve is located in Southern part of Armenia, in Ararat marz. You can get the reserve from two sides – from Garni village area and from Vedi town of Ararat marz.

Vedi's visitor centre

Vedi’s visitor center

From Garni part the reserve is located 32 kilometers far from Yerevan, at the end of Yerevan – Garni road. From Vedi town the reserve is located 54 kilometers far from Yerevan, at the end of Yerevan – Ararat town road on the way of Vedi town. The administrative office of the reserve is located in Vedi town.

Both entrances of the reserve have a Visitor Center. The aim of the

Garni's visitor center

Garni’s visitor center

Visitor Center is to provide the visitors with an opportunity to get familiar with different aspects of the reserve: its history, establishment, location, significance, flora and fauna, natural and cultural values and others. Colorful information wall-boards of the Center show and describe the history, territory, landscapes, plants and animals of the reserve. The Center staff can provide requested information to visitors including guidelines on touristic trails. It is possible also to obtain respective literature in the center. It has also all facilities for group meetings and discussions as well as film watching.