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The UNO delegation came to our office

The UNO delegation came to our office

“Khosrov Forest” state reserve” state non-profit organization

Since 2002 the governing, sientific, practical and organizing works of the reserve are acred out by “Khosrov forest” state reserev” NPO under the ministry of Nature protection of RA.

Under this organization are following protected areas:

  • “Khosrov forest” state reserve, wich is now devided into 4 parts – Garni (4253 hektares), Kakavaberd (4745h), Khosrov (6887h), Khachadzor (7236,7 h):
  • “Goravan Sands” sanctuary (95,99 h)
  • “Khor Virap” state sanctuary (50,28 h)

diplom (1)On 26th August 2013 “Khosrov forest” state reserve” NPO was awarded with the European diploma of protecting area.

The administrative office of the reserve is in town Vedi, Ararat region, 79 Kasyan street.

On the first flor of the office there is sientific department of the reserve and depositary of herbariums, also the museum.

The office has 76 employees, 46 of wich are inspectors.

The organization works according to the annual working plan, wich is financed by state budjet.

You can get aquanted with the structure of our staff here – Khosrov-Forest-state-reserve-staff.