Many historic-architectural monuments of the reserve are located in the beautiful landscape. The reserve is rich in gorgeous places gifted by the omnipotent nature. Moreover, at high altitudes, there are many small and big plateaus, which provide the opportunity to observe surrounding gorges, river valleys, rocky and stony skeletal mountainous massifs and other formations. They seem to be observation points created by nature and can serve for touristic trips and excursions.

Unique nature, historic-architectural monuments, the rich diversity of flora and fauna provide a basis for the perspective development of different forms of tourism (ecotourism, scientific-educational and historic-cultural tourism and others).

At present 9 touristic trails are offered in the reserve (for more details please look at “Ecotourism Trails” section). Six trails cover interesting and beautiful sites in Garni and Kaqavaberd districts. Their starting point is the newly built Visitor Center located near Garni community. The other  trails are located in Khosrov and Khachadzor districts. You can reach there through Vedi town and Urtsadzor community.

Below is the map of hiking trails and ecotouristic infrastructure of the reserve.