“Khosrov Forest” State Reserve Hiking route 1.2

Route type: hiking, linear
Route: “Garni” Temple – Azat  river canyon –  Symphony of Stones – Old Bridge – “Garni” Visitor Center – Havuts Tar Monastery -“Garni” Temple
Description: This hiking trip is a wonderful opportunity to see a medieval cultural-historical monument, a nature monument and great views of rocky landscape. The trip starts from Garni Temple. Then turn and follow the ancient path through the gorge down to the amazing ”Symphony of Stones” nature monument, which appeared during complex geological processes and is one of the very few formations of this kind in the World. The path is steep and requires you to be careful especially in steepest sections. It passes the 11th century medieval bridge over the river and brings you to the ”Symphony of Stones”.Then road brings you down to the gorge, from where the path continues towards the Garni visitor center of ”Khosrov Forest” state reserve. Then you hike towards the 11th century medieval monastic complex ”Havuts Tar” located on one of the heights of ”Goght” river valley and is a half-ruined but very beautiful monument with unique views of surrounding rocky landscape. On the way back from the complex you’ll again pass by Garni Visitor Center and go back to “Garni” Temple.

You can find the trail route here.