Khosrov Forest State Reserve Hiking trail 1.3

Hiking trail 1.3*

Vedi Visitor Center – White House – Bridge – Vedi Visitor Center

Length: 11.1 km
Duration hours: 3.40-4.20 hours (not counting the times of rest , food-breaks and vehicle transfer)
Difficulty level: Easy
Minimum elevation: 1297 meters (4255 feet)
Average elevation: 1449 meter (4754 feet)
Maximum elevation: 1624 meters (5325 feet)
Maximum slope: 25.9-27.8%





Description:This trail passes through Khosrov district. It can be passed on foot or by horses and partially by car.Khosrov river flows along the whole trail from the right side.

This trip starts from Vedi Visitor Center located on 1300 m above sea level and passes through a very unique geological area. The first stop of this trip is by the White House. The White House was previously used by scholars for scientific research. It is a cozy nice little house where you can take some rest and continue further. The Khosrov River flows along the whole trail from the right side of the trail. From here as the road goes up it starts to descend and reaches the iron bridge which is the final point of this route. Here 10 m to the north there are a beautiful waterfall and a resting pavilion. In this area at certain hours you can observe Bezoar Goats on rocky slopes. This is the only place in Armenia where the Black Vulture (IUCN Red List) nests in juniper sparse forests. The area is also rich in mammals: Caucasian brown bear, wolf, fox. The river valley hosts boar. The trail attracts with beautiful scenes and panoramas, forests and a picturesque canyon of the Khosrov river.

Hiking – Guide is required

You can find the trail route here.