1.3 Hiking Tour

Type of service: hiking

Route: Vedi Visitor Center -White House – Bridge – Vedi Visitor Center

Description: The tour goes through the unique geological area starting from Vedi visitor centre at about 1300 meters above sea level. Located on about 50 kilometres (31 miles) South of Yerevan, in Ararat Province of Armenia, this territory has been settled since the Urartian period and Vedi town nearby was a large settlement until the 17th century. Next on this journey is the White house which is a cosy mountain lodge where you get a great chance to rest and continue the journey. On the way to the bridge, you may be lucky to observe the gorgeous flight of Black Vultures since on the right side of the path they have their nesting area. Being in the very heart of this beautiful forest you are highly encouraged to stay quiet in order to maintain the harmony of wilderness. Bridge with its picnic area is the last point of this journey. Duration of the tour is approximately 3.40-4.20 hours, and the length is 11.3 km. Bezoar goat, Caucasian Brown bear, white-headed griffon, the variety of reptile species can be observed in this area.

Minimum elevation: 1297 meters (4255 feet)

Average elevation: 1449 meters (4754 feet)

Maximum elevation: 1624 meters (5328 feet)

Maximum slope: 25.9% -24.6%

Condition of trail: middle

Status of trail: unbuilt, unmarked, unsigned (GPS file available)

Length: 11.3 km, 7.0 mile

Difficulty level (and score): challenging, 15

Duration and Type:* 3.40-4.20 hours, linear

*(not counting the times of rest, food-breaks and off-road vehicle transfer)