2.3 Hiking Tour (combined)

Type of service: hybrid (hiking and off-roading combined)

Route: Garni Visitor Center – Pokr Shen village ruins -Nerkin Vanstan village ruins –Berdatak (Geghvaberd) village ruins – Azat River – Geghmahovit village ruins -Garni Visitor Center

Description: The tour goes through a number of ancient ruins located inside Khosrov Forest State Reserve, which is one of the oldest protected areas in the world. Although most of the settlements are ruined, you get to see some of the oldest Christian spots on the planet, from 4-5-6-7th centuries. The reserve is also a noted area in the Caucasus region for unique European and Asian flora and fauna with about 9.000 hectares of forests located at an altitude of 1600-2300m above sea level. Duration of the tour is approximately 3.10-3.50 hours, and the length is 9.99 km. Bezoar goat, Caucasian Brown bear, white-headed griffon, the variety of reptile species can be observed in this area. This tour offers you a good hiking opportunity that would be much enjoyed in combination with either horseback-riding or off-roading due to its length and complicity.

Minimum elevation: 1511 meters (4957 feet)

Average elevation: 1593 meters (5226 feet)

Maximum elevation: 1682 meters, (5518 feet)

Maximum slope: 29.8% -27.9%

Condition of trail: middle

Status of trail: unbuilt, unmarked, unsigned (GPS file available)

Length: 9.99 km (6.21 mile)

Difficulty level (and score): challenging, 15

Duration and Type:* 3.10-3.50 hours, linear and loop

*(not counting the times of rest, food-breaks and off-road vehicle transfer)