2.6 Hiking Tour (combined)

Jghin Lakes

Hiking trail 2.6*

Confluence of Vedi and Khosrov Rivers – Khachadzor district road block  – Jghin Lakes –  Mankunk village ruins – Spitak (White) Monastery – Khachadzor District Road block – Confluence of Vedi and Khosrov River

Length: 22,7 km
Duration hours: 6.30-8 hours (not counting the times of rest , food-breaks and vehicle transfer)

Difficulty level: Difficult
Minimum elevation: 1163 meters (3816 feet)
Average elevation: 1579 meter (5180  feet)
Maximum elevation: 2051 meters  (6729 feet)
Maximum slope: 27,3% -27,4%



Description: This trail passes through Khachadzor district and includes wonderful cultural-historical and nature monuments. It can be passed on foot or by horses and partially by car.

The tour starts by an off-road vehicle or horse from the cross-road that leads to Khachadzor and Khosrov districts. After getting to the Barrier after Fishfarm the hike starts up to the wonderful wilderness area. The picturesque gorge of the Mankuk river, beautiful landscapes, endemic plant species can be seen during this tour. An ancient abandoned village of historical significance, churches, decorated cross-stones and gravestones with records are in the neighborhood of the trail. It stretches through the picturesque gorge of the Mankuk river towards the eastern parts of the Khosrov forest where are an amazing natural lake couple Jghin lakes surrounded with reed (Phragmites). From here the trail goes up to the mausoleum of Mamikonyan rulers. Then the trail leads to Mankuk uninhabited village. The cemetery of the village full of cross-stones that are rich with delicately carved records is located on the highland. The next stop is by Spitakvanq abandoned village and Spitak Vank church built in 1301. It is one-nave church with a basilica structure built with white sandstone from which the name Spitak Vank (white monastery) probably derived from. Only semi-ruined buildings have been preserved. In this area at certain hours Bezoar Goats can be observed on rocky slopes.

In general,  Khachadzor district through which this trail passes is extremely rich in different species of flora and fauna. In this district of the reserve it is even possible to find Caucasus leopard (Panthera pardus) registered in IUCN Red Book, which migration routes pass over high mountain tops. The hike ends at the same spot where it started, from where you can be picked up by off-road vehicle or continue the tour on horses. This tour offers a good hiking opportunity that would be much enjoyed in combination with either horseback-riding or off-roading due to its length and complexity.

*Hiking – Guide is required