Reservations and Payments

Eco-tours are officially permissible in the area of “Khosrov Forest” state reserve. During those tours, you can see both the wild plants and animals of our reserve and historical-cultural and natural monuments that are kept again in our resercollageve.

The visitation period starts on March 1 and continues until November 1.
For clarifications, tour bids and bookings you can write to this Email or call  0234-2-13-52 phone numbers.
To know more about tariffs please click here.

You can do the payments at our visitors’ centre and get the appropriate receipts. 

In order to organize an eco-tour in the area of the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, it’s necessary to send an application beforehand, in which the applicant’s preferred tour trails should be included (Tour trails can be found here), also the period of visit to the Reserve, the number of visitors and their first and last names. The authorized body and the executive body must decide whether to allow the visit or not. You can find the rules of organizing ecotours in the area of the Reserve, here.