Rules & restrictions

Dear visitors

Please remember, the “Khosrov Forest” state reserve has the highest protection status and equal to IUCN Ia category. That means you have to strictly keep the specific rules and restrictions.

Please get familiar with these rules before organizing tours in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve:

  • For entrance to “Khosrov Forest” state reserve you should have access permission from the authorized body and the executive body,
  • It is necessary to send an application and make a reservation beforehand to get permission,
  • You must make payment to entry the reserve area,
  • Both local and foreign tourists are permitted to visit there,
  • There are individual tariffs for local and foreign tourists,
  • Tours are organized either individual or in small groups (1-10 person),
  • Tours can be hiking and/or horseback riding. Horses are available in both visitor centers,
  • There are several trails, some of which cannot be passed without all-terrain vehicles. Those vehicles are available at both visitor centers.

Please follow these restrictions while taking tours in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve:

  • Making fires, hunting, fishing and logging are strictly forbidden,
  • Pass the routes only with accompany of a tour guide,
  • Follow the tour guides, follow the trails (don’t walk out of the trails),
  • Do not make a noise and disturb the wildlife,
  • Do not gather plants and stand on the vegetation,
  • Do not pollute the territory,
  • Treat the historical-cultural monuments with caution (don’t move, pollute, destroy).