“Khosrov Forest” State Reserve Hiking route 1.1

Route type: hiking, linear
Route: Garni Visitor Center – Havuts Tar Monastery – Garni Visitor Center
Description: This hiking route brings you to Havuts Tar Monastery which was established in 11th century and was an important cultural-religious center being especially active in the period between 12th and 14th centuries. ”Havuts Tar” was also a well-known center for manuscript creation, and the oldest known manuscript created here dates from 1214 AD. The walls are built with diverse color scheme using fine processed red toned local Tuf stone, and are rich of carved texts. The cupola and roof are destrօyed. From Southern side there are two nave chapels (now ruined). ”Havuts Tar” is located on one of the heights of Garni canyon. It was badly damaged during the 1679’s earthquake. A part of the complex was rebuilt in 18th century by catholicus Astvatsatoor Hamadantsi. Some rebuilding works were done in 20st century as well. Currently the monastery is in ruined condition.

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