What To Do

Hiking and Horseback Riding Tours
From spring to autumn, most area of the “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve is suitable for hiking and horseback riding. There are horses for rent available in both Vedi and Garni visitor centers of the reserve.

Wildlife Observations 
During tours through the reserve area you have a great opportunity to meet most of the wild animals (brown bear, bezoar goat,  wild boar, lynx, etc.) living in the reserve as well as a variety of plant species (irises, tulips, orchids, etc.).



Bird Watching
There are excellent bird-watching sites in the reserve where you can observe breeding birds (black vulture, lammergeyer, etc.) and migratory birds resting during spring and autumn.

Historical and Cultural Visits
Reserve area and adjacent communities are rich in cultural heritage monuments. The most noteworthy of them are the temple of Garni (BC. II century), Geghard monastery (XIII century), Havuts Tar Complex (X-XIII centuries), Geghi berd (Kakavaberd) (IX-X centuries), Aghjots Monastery (XIII century) etc. You can also be hosted by the local community, learn about their lifestyle and habits.


You are welcome to browse through the offered tours in our “Tour destinations” section, where you will find suggested itineraries that you can undertake while visiting the “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve, or you can order your specific tours by contacting us at khosrovreserve@gmail.com.