Ալպիական մարգագետինThe landscape diversity of the reserve is rather high. The diversity is due to the difficult mountainous relief, steep zoning and peculiarities of soil-climate conditions.

The area ranges from semi-desert to mountainous and alpine meadows. Semi-desert types of landscape are spread at 900 to 1250m above sea level. Dry steppes occupy the middle sections of mountainous zone at an altitude of 1250-2500 m. The altitudes of 1500-2500m are covered by Juniper sparse forests, and starting from 1600m one can see eastern oak forests.12674839_1054395217956516_609627923_o

16% of the total area of the reserve is covered by forests, and 20% by lawns, bushes, brushwood and sparse forests. Different types of symbiosis of mountainous xerophytes cover 64% of the area.

Mountain-steppe and mountain-meadow landscapes are spread at the altitude of 2500m, and in the high mountain zone they are transferred into sub-alpine and alpine meadows.

The diversity of the landscapes leads to the variety of wildlife species comparatively in small areas.