The museum of Khosrov forest state resereve is in the administrative building in Vedi. Here the fauna and the flora of reserve are represented.

In botanical department of the museum there are 63 kinds of plants’ herbarium.

Animal part is represented by 70 specious of vertebrats, in wich 11 specious mammals, 35 – birds, 15 – reptiels, 5 – fishes, 4- amfibeas.

In muesum are represented also state sanctuaries of “Goravan sands” and “Khor Virap” with their specific kinds of plants and animals.

The muesum is open all days for the visitors. The entrance is free of charge.

Our sientific workers will represent you all exhibited samples with detailes and will inform you interesting information about the resreve.

You can visit our museum eigher alone or with groups.

Attention to the teachers: here and also in the reserve area you can spend opened classes and sientific discussions.